Who Is Steelo Brims Wife?

Steelo Brim’s popularity and high-profile relationships have fans asking: who is Steelo Brim’s wife? But does she exist?

Steelo Brim has a massive following, so it’s no wonder fans are curious about various aspects of his life, mainly concerning his love life. It’s tough to know who Brim is with as he is often spotted with different ladies. 

The clamor to know who Brim is with started a rumor that he was gay. Fans have a way of creating their own stories when it’s challenging to find out the real deal about their favorite celebs.

Steelo Brim is well-known for his versatile talents as a comedian, podcast host, actor, TV host, and producer. His prominent role as a co-host and producer on the MTV comedy series, “Ridiculousness,“ made him famous.

He has appeared in several movies, including “Hardball” (2001) and “Wild Grinders” (2012-2015), and has a podcast named Wine and Weed, where he and his co-host talk about pop culture subjects and current events. 

Fans have repeatedly wondered if the comedian has a wife, asking: who is Steelo Brim’s wife? Keep reading to find out.

Does Steelo Brim’s Wife Exist?

Contrary to some rumors, Steelo Brim isn’t married and has never been married. However, he has been in a handful of serious relationships that fans thought would end in marriage. 

At the time of this publication, Steelo Brim is dating Alahna Jade, a famous fashion model, blogger, and Instagram influencer. Based on Brim’s Instagram posts, they seem to have been together since 2020. The couple loves sharing cute pictures of their outings and events.

Despite their undeniable chemistry, they haven’t taken the plunge into marriage yet. But their relationship still seems pretty serious, as they attend public events together, support each other’s projects, and even celebrate holidays together.

Sadly, not much is known about Jade besides her status as Brim’s girlfriend and career. However, there’s no doubt that as more attention is drawn to her, other details about her will come to light.

Now, you might be wondering why they haven’t tied the knot. One possible reason is that Brim is taking his time, especially since he had a close call with marriage a few years ago. He was engaged to his previous partner, but unfortunately, things didn’t progress to the ‘I do’ stage.

Conna Walker Almost Became Steelo Brim’s Wife

Conna Walker is the one lady fans thought would be Mrs. Brim. Steelo Brim started dating Walker, a renowned British fashion designer, back in 2015. Initially, Brim kept their relationship under wraps, leading to speculations about his being gay swirling around the internet. However, in 2016, he finally revealed that he was dating and engaged to Conna Walker.

Once their relationship became public, Brim often playfully joked about himself and his future wife on social media. In one memorable tweet, he humorously claimed to have lost his sense of humor after proposing to Walker. Their love for each other was evident in their unique gestures of affection.

Unfortunately, their seemingly perfect relationship did not stand the test of time. In 2020, the couple decided to part ways before tying the knot, moving on from each other. While they never publicly discussed the reasons for their breakup, followers noticed that both Brim and Walker had become silent on social media and deleted most of their posts about each other. It became clear that they had chosen separate paths. 

The exact cause of their split remains unknown, but Brim seemed to move on quickly. He began dropping hints about a new special someone in his life shortly after the breakup. Netizens believe the new love interest is Alahna Jade.

Steelo Brim and Alahna Jade Love PDA

Brim and Jade can’t help but share their love and happiness with the world through their social media posts. They’re constantly featured in each other’s photos, showcasing their strong bond.

One Instagram post that caught everyone’s attention was a sweet moment captured in the bustling atmosphere of Times Square. Brim and Jade couldn’t resist stealing a kiss.

But the real heart-melter came on July 11, 2022, when Brim celebrated Jade’s birthday with a heartfelt Instagram post. He captioned it: “Happy Birthday to my Queen, Best friend, Lover, Partner, GF, @aalahna and all that other good stuff. Tell you every day, but I love you to the moon & back. I look forward to spending all my years with you, baby. You are hilarious and make every room you’re in light up. Pray you to continue to light mine.”

It’s no doubt that Brim and Jade share something extraordinary, and their genuine love and admiration for each other consistently shine through in their social media posts. Fans hope to hear the wedding bells ring for these two very soon.

However, as seen with most celebrity couples, things can be picture-perfect in one moment and take an unexpected turn. This was the case in Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s relationship. They went from being happily in love to going their separate ways.