#1,571 Smell Memories. Laurel Mercantile

First thing this morning when I woke up, I found this great little article on a friend’s facebook feed about smells of the 90s. And I don’t know what it means about me, but I’ve had particularly strong attachments to scents and their correlations with memories my entire life. My mama can attest to this—my obsession with smell goods started at a really young age and my childhood and adolescent bathtub at home always had about 6 kinds of bubble baths, 5 shower gels, 3 shampoos, 3 conditioners, and 2 face washes at any given time.

Katrina Pierson Dusts Off Failed Married Life! An Affair To Forget It All?

EntertainmentBy LRU Writer | On: March 18, 2018Communications consultant, American tea party activist, Katrina Pierson had her share of ups and downs in life. She is proceeding forth in her career all firm but experienced a failed marriage as far as her personal life is concerned. A failed marriage indeed should have caused Katrina some distress, but as the time has passed by, Katrina now has baffled her fans, as the rumor regarding her affair with a new guy swirls around the media.

Oklahoma State fires Mike Boynton after 7 seasons | National

Oklahoma State fired men's basketball coach Mike Boynton after seven seasons on Thursday. The Cowboys finished 12-20 overall and 4-14 in the Big 12 this season, which ended Tuesday with a 77-62 loss to UCF in the first round of the conference tournament. Oklahoma State lost its last six games and eight of 10. "For seven years, Coach Boynton has led this program and represented this university with class," Oklahoma State athletic director Chad Weiberg said.

Shuck the boots and stay off the baselines | News

Justin Henry starred in baseball a Vicksburg High before moving on to Ole Miss, where he played alongside his brother Jordan. Both were ridiculously talented athletes, but it was Justin who knew the game of baseball more than any other person I have met. Among his baseball traits was his strict adherence to the superstitions of the sport. When he would be called out over the public address system to take his spot at shortstop, he would approach the base line then crow-hop over the white lines.

Who Is Steelo Brims Wife?

Steelo Brim’s popularity and high-profile relationships have fans asking: who is Steelo Brim’s wife? But does she exist? Steelo Brim has a massive following, so it’s no wonder fans are curious about various aspects of his life, mainly concerning his love life. It’s tough to know who Brim is with as he is often spotted with different ladies.  The clamor to know who Brim is with started a rumor that he was gay.

Country Song Lyrics - Taste of Country ? Page 53

Justin Moore, ‘Beer Time’ – Lyrics Uncovered'Outlaws Like Me' is full of sing-along anthems including the straight ahead country-rocker 'Beer Time." "When you hear the title 'Beer Time,' you think it's just the same old, drink beer kind of song, which it somewhat is," Justin Moore tells Taste of Country. The song was written by Moore, Jeremy Stover and Rhett Akins. ncG1vNJzZmiskajBprvFnKaupqSnxm%2BvzqZmnJmkmrSwvthomqitnqm%2FunnSqKWgZZyuv6qv0minmp%2BVZIJ0ew%3D%3D

Garth Brooks' 'That's What Cowboys Do' Has a Secret Third Verse

Garth Brooks new single "That's What Cowboys Do" has a third verse, but you'll need to work to hear it. Performances of the song's unreleased lyric aren't clandestine, but they're hardly plentiful. Previously, Brooks had said that he wrote the "retro, George Strait-feeling" country song for country trio Midland, but he liked it too much to give away. Mitch Rossell and John Martin are Brooks' co-writers on the song, and lyrically, yes, it does tell parts of his story.

Home Towns Ben Napier Reveals Diet That Helped Him Lose 95 Pounds and His Biggest Motivation

For Home Town’s Ben Napier, embarking on a weight loss transformation was motivated immensely by one thing — being around for his family. “We’re all trying to be healthier and trying to live better and trying to live longer,” Ben, 40, told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on ​Wednesday, November 15. “I started just [because I knew] I needed to take some weight off. And then we did an interview … and my shirt wouldn’t stay buttoned and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a bad look.

Pleasant Valley Baseball talks about their wild win against North Scott

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Reggie Bullock Married, Family, College

EntertainmentBy LRU Writer | On: November 10, 2019Gun violence has become a grave issue in the US, with many innocent people dying from gun crimes in recent times. Similarly, New York Knicks player Reggie Bullock is one of those affected by this socio-political issue. Reggie has lost two family members to criminal activities. He lost his transgender sibling Mia Henderson in 2014 and most recently had to bear his sister, Kiosha Moore's death on 27th October 2019.